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Day 10, May 6th Marlborough Wine

Kia akameitakiia kotou! Thank you, thank you, thank you Marlborough and New Zealand!

It's so great to be here for another day, this is an exciting area that has.a strong mix of sea activities, farming, vineyards, and small town charm. We enjoy a relaxing day that includes time kayaking (if that's your desire and it was for several travelers), biking, scooter-ing, laughing, swimming, hiking and lounging. So many of us are ACTIVE! Yay, that means MORE food and MORE wine without guilt! Jonelle is having her nails done, and spending time pampering, but is constantly on call for those pesky questions from all of us about WhatsApp, Wifi, Data, and anything related to internet or social messaging. She's the youngest and smartest/up to date with information technology. Thank you Jonelle, we adore you and your charming personality.

We have some travelers visiting Cloudy Bay Vineyards here in Marlborough, and others opt to keep to their activity, but most of us end up there after lunch and taste through their wines. Cloudy Bay is known to be one of the most famous wineries in Marlborough. They were among the first to plant vines here and after producing wines from 1985 through present day, they still remain among the best in this region.

Our travelers are the perfect group, everyone is so easy going, fun, and connecting with each other in friendship, meals, activities and bus discussions. Speaking of the bus, it's very active and fun on it's own, bubbles come out most days by 10am, and chocolates, cookies, chips and cheese are among some of the sharing that goes on, everything is Hangi-this or Hangi-that, whether it truly is Hangi no one knows for sure. We had another beautiful day, mixed with clouds, a sprinkle in the morning but everything turned out sunny and warm by afternoon. Our mornings are generally cool, as are the nights here, but our daytime hours warm up to about 65 or 70.

This evening we are happy to have dinner together since everyone is looking to catch up with details about their day. We all loved the Asian-influenced meal, and recognized the cultural impact that Asia has on these islands, not just in the cuisine but we all recognize the mix that happens with all New Zealanders. Our conversation came to understand that the ethnic communities within New Zealand manage to maintain parts of their own cultures, and yet are mixed among other populations and seem to become popular with the overall population. These cultures seem to mix well into the general culture of the country.

Again the stars, the midnight sky, the cool night air, the stroll back to our rooms at the hotel and the conversations all add so much to this night, this tour and our enjoyment and appreciation for life. Grateful and with full bellies and warm hearts we slip into our dreamland and drift on a cloudy bay to sleep.

Good night dear travelers, good night Marlborough and good night until tomorrow!

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