Reggie Daigneault

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My name is Reggie and I live in Seattle, Washington. I have been in the wine industry as a sommelier, wine director, wine distributor and wine educator for the past 30 years.

I love teaching about wine and it's history, pairing food and wine and touring the world with others who enjoy wine, food, culture, history and travel.

I believe we can achieve WORLD PEACE through FOOD & WINE TRAVEL!

I'm certified in the Court of Sommeliers, Wine Scholar Guild, Diploma Level Wine & Spirit Education Trust, and as a Bordeaux Tutor.

I love sharing my education of wine and food with everyone, and enjoy engaging with groups.  And I also have a team of educators that are ready to share their knowledge and expertise with you!

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a Class

Design a class to meet your needs. Food & wine pairing, regional foods and wine, sensory evaluation, and much more. 



These tours are designed to be affordable, engaging, educational, entertaining and enlightening!

Wine Education

Classes, presentations, workshops, seminars, and tastings coming up in your area!


2020 Upcoming Tours 


April 28 - May 12, 2020


June 28 - July 10, 2020

Wine Education 

Design Your Own Class


Design your own class or let me recommend one to you.  


I can present in seminars, workshops and manage wine and food events depending on your needs and budget.  

Let me help you plan an educational seminar, food and wine class, a formal or informal private event. 


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Tel: 206-229-4790  



Regina Daigneault

8603 9th Ave SW

Seattle, WA 98106



Regina Daigneault 

8603 9th Ave SW

Seattle, WA 98106